Network for Feminist Urban Planning

Safety-building efforts in crime prevention can be based on a situational perspective. By considering the local context, locally adapted and specific measures can be taken. An important aspect of situational crime prevention is to create a lively public environment that is attractive to different social groups. In this way, the amount of people grows, and the social control increases.

“Feminists are like small trufflehogs that search for hidden treasures, where no one else have cared to look.”

– Gender expert Eva Kail (City of Vienna)

Apart from a mere ethical perspective, the interests and needs of different social groups are thus fundamental in the situational crime prevention. That is why feminist urban planning is an important and topical concept. It clarifies how we can create a public space that draws attention to social structures, influences people’s experience and behavior and ultimately increases people’s safety. Through an increased awareness of who our cities are actually planned for, structures are made visible and changes can be carried out.

“Feminist urban planning forces architects and urban planners to be critical towards their own planning process. It forces them to examine their working group and ask themselves the question “who’s perspective are we lacking? ”

– Criminologist Marika Haug (Safer Sweden Foundation) in Today’s Society

Due to an increased demand, the Safer Sweden Foundation are the initiators of the Network for Feminist Urban Planning. Within the framework of developing the concept, we apply an intersectional perspective. That means that we are aware that neither the group of women nor men are homogeneous, but that people, based on factors such as ethnicity, class and gender, has different preconditions to influence public space. We strive for an equal and inclusive society, where all social groups have the opportunity to take place and influence.

Our definition of feminist urban planning:

Feminist urban planning is a critical approach which purpose is to address the needs of different societal groups in the urban development.

You are more than welcome to help us developing the concept. Being a member means that you are positive towards the overall concept of feminist urban planning, that you as much as possible participate in our network meetings and through thoughts and discussions drive the development forward.

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