Webinar: International experiences from the work with BID:s

Since BID (Business Improvement District) is quite a new concept in Sweden, and we don’t have a BID-legislation, Safer Sweden Foundation has invited a panel with representatives from BIDs in the US, South Africa and the U.K. to discuss their experiences of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the process to start up and run a successful BID. What are the benefits of BIDs? What are the results when it comes to security and safety? What works, what doesn’t and what’s promising when it comes to BIDs? 

When? April 15th, 3.00-4.30 PM (UTC+1)
Where? Online 

Participants: Kati Solomon (Vice President of Operations, Bryant Park Corporation), Derek Bock (Chief Operations Officer, Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvment District), Peter Williams (Manager Director, The Means)

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