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8 november kl. 08:00 10:00

Workshop 1 – “Rain


Wet and cold but also life-giving and fun. Are there activities best performed when raining and how do we mitigate the discomfort of bad weather? A summer rain might be sensual but how about a rainy November evening? Join us in our exploration of how to enable life in public space all year round.

The webinar will consist of two parts. First inspirational speakers on rain placemaking from Gothenburg and Vancouver. Second, we will have a brief workshop to further dig into the issues together. We will co-create new ways of bringing life to our cities on rainy days.

About the series Elements of a Nordic Winter:Public spaces are essential infrastructures for social and physical activity, sparking connection, belonging, and balance. But placemaking in the Nordics can become a challenge during the winter months. When cold temperatures and early sunsets make everyone want to crawl into their homes, our public spaces start to empty. But maybe winter is when we need public spaces the most. Low energy and motivation, increased fatigue, and difficulty concentrating are common “winter symptoms”. So how can we prevent public spaces from shutting down in the winter?  And how can we make the winter months a celebration in our cities?

About Nordic Placemaking TALK:
Started in Fall 2020, the webinar series focuses on placemaking: a method to co-create attractive and safe cities and places. Behind Nordic placemaking talks stand Future Place Leadership, the Safer Sweden Foundation, and LINK Arkitektur.